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ReMix 2.0 Shoreline - Premium edition

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NEW Premium art edition

The Shoreline aren't Just sunglasses!

They are little works of art, with a hidden side.

For the Beach bums, the surfers, the art lovers and the adventurers. Wear them or display them, the choice is yours.

Every set will have tiny differences in the artwork so yours will be truly unique.

Using only sec♻️ndlife plastics, we have created something that is comfortingly familiar, yet progressive and conscious in their construction.

  • Bomb proof construction
  • POLARISED HD Resin fusion lens (superflex)
  • Eco ink Moonshine logo
  • Laser etched lens xXx
  • Sec♻️ndlife plastic construction
  • Pop off temples
  • Lightweight

Crystal clear Recycled Polycarbonate frames with our awesome NEW POLARISED HD Resin fusion, mirrored lens (superflex)

Beautiful does not really cover it with these.

A true collectors model and a work of Ocean inspired art 😎🤙🌊🏖️



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