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Kimbazi Ocean retrieval - Stardust/Custom ULTRA LIMITED!

£ 55.00 GBP


Kimbazi Ocean retrieval...With added Stardust!

A limited run of our bespoke, metal flake encrusted, Stardust model.

Following on from the highly sought after ReMix 2 - Stardust ltd edition comes the next installment of bling.

We can't mass produce these so we'll need to limited how many we make available.

The previous model went quickly so don't hesitate.

  • 100% Ocean retrieval plastic
  • POLARISED HD Resin fusion lens (Superflex)
  • Eco ink Moonshine logo in gold
  • Sec♻️ndlife plastic construction
  • Pop off temples
  • Lightweight
  • Floating model

Black Recycled Ocean retrieval plastic frames with added Stardust and our Ultra clear, Ice Blue POLARISED HD Resin fusion lenses (superflex)

Custom made and extremely limited.

We have formulated a technique to permanently bond metal flakes to our sec♻️ndlife plastic frames.



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