Tyga – Moonshine Eyewear


Carved from solid Oak, our Tyga frames are a modern blend of strength and elegance.

With a round lens shape and a keyhole bridge, this is a shape for all face shapes and truly unisex in style.

The ancient beauty of our reclaimed oak is further enhanced by a choice of well judged colouration options.

Using natural staining dyes, we are able to offer various colour oak frames whilst still showing off the fantastic grain structure!


  • Stainless steel spring loaded hinges
  • HD Resin Fusion lenses
  • Unique one of a kind colouration
  • Handcrafted 100% sustainable 
  • Laser etched 
  • Microfiber polishing pouch

Lens Tech

We believe our lens technology to be the best in the market, through painstaking research and a desire to achieve the clearest lenses possible, we have partnered with a supremely competent lens manufacturer.

The technology in each HD Resin Fusion lens allows perfect clarity, UV400 protection and  the best polarisation available.

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