ReMix 2.0 Black & Orange / Fire (overstock) - Moonshine Eyewear

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ReMix 2.0 Black & Orange / Fire (overstock)

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OurReMix 2.0 frames are GUARANTEED against accidental breakage !

Familiar shape. New thinking.

For ReMix 2.0, we took a close look at every aspect of our original model.

And with an eye on improving sports performance, we have tweaked virtually every component to offer exceptional clarity, strength, protection and style.

Using only sec♻️ndlife plastics, we have created something that is comfortingly familiar, yet progressive and conscious in their construction.

  • Bomb proof construction
  • POLARISED HD Resin fusion lens (superflex)
  • Eco ink Moonshine/Dune Runner logos
  • Sec♻️ndlife plastic construction
  • Lightweight
  • Guaranteed frames

Black & Orange Recycled plastic frames with our awesome POLARISED HD Resin fusion, Fire gold mirrored lens (superflex) 

We have overstock remaining from a custom order.

We are clearing these high quality Moonshine sunglasses (branded Dune Runner on the temples) rather than have them go to recycling.

Grab an absolute bargain!

Regular Moonshine Eyewear quality at an unbelievable price.