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ReMix 2.0 - Cherry blossom LTD

£ 48.00 GBP


Cherry Blossom limited edition

We didn't just "make" these!

Each one is created over hours. The detail in the cherry blossoms is perfect.

Every set takes over 2 hours to create by hand, and for that reason, they will remain limited .

With pink mirror lenses as standard you will also receive an extra set of lenses of your choice so that you can alter the look at will.

Using only sec♻️ndlife plastics, we have created something that is comfortingly familiar, yet progressive and conscious in their construction.

  • Reassuringly robust construction
  • Polarised HD Resin fusion lenses (superflex)
  • Eco ink Moonshine logo
  • Sec♻️ndlife plastic construction
  • Pop off temples
  • Lightweight
  • Custom applied Cherry blossom art work
  • Extra lenses (your choice)

Our all time best selling Raw grey  Recycled plastic frames and cherry blossom temples ,with our awesome Newest POLARISED HD Resin fusion, Pink mirror lenses (superflex)

The most labour intensive model we've ever done and duly limited in quantity.

Be quick !

These will not hang around long 😎🤙🍒🌸



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