ReMix Second Life - Black & Blue - Moonshine Eyewear

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ReMix Second Life - Black & Blue

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Constructed from second use plastics, our ReMix model is a game changer!

No new plastics are going into these frames, we only use second life post-consumer plastics. That's unique in the eyewear world.

To mark the ReMix out as something special, we had to come up with an entirely new shape. A style that is suitable for Men and Women alike and also distinctive.

We think we have achieved our style brief with flying colours and we are super proud of this new model.

Now it's upto you to Rock them and stand up for the planet at the same time. 


  • Stainless steel double barrel hinges
  • HD Resin Fusion lenses
  • Unique style
  • 100% Recycled plastic
  • Non polluting ink logos
  • Microfiber polishing pouch

Lens Tech

We believe our lens technology to be the best in the market, through painstaking research and a desire to achieve the clearest lenses possible, we have partnered with a supremely competent lens manufacturer.

The technology in each HD Resin Fusion lens allows perfect clarity, UV400 protection.