Sundown Gloss Black/Silver – Moonshine Eyewear

Sundown Gloss Black/Silver

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Sundown is our latest recycled plastic model.

The shape of the Sundown is more rounded and offers a full/oversized look for women and men. We decided to add steel temples to this model, for adjustability and a low profile look.

No new plastic has been used in the construction of Sundown frames! Only recycled plastic is used by Moonshine Eyewear except for the lenses.

Sure to be a massive hit, this style is one of our favorites. Without compromise on materials or performance, we have created an affordable yet supremely stylish frame that can be worn by anyone.

Why Sundown?

When we were done designing, and searching for a name, we noticed that the curvature of the lens above the main frame looked a little reminiscent of the sun dipping beneath the horizon. Just like the sun at Sundown.



  • Stainless steel double barrel hinges
  • HD Resin Fusion lenses
  • Unique style
  • 100% Recycled plastic 
  • Non polluting Laser logos
  • Microfiber polishing pouch

Lens Tech

We believe our lens technology to be the best in the market, through painstaking research and a desire to achieve the clearest lenses possible, we have partnered with a supremely competent lens manufacturer.

The technology in each HD Resin Fusion lens allows perfect clarity and UV400 protection.